Friday, January 15, 2010

Piano Passion

As I sit here, I am waiting for class to start and listening to this really talented guy play just about everything on the piano. I have heard Linkin Park, Pirates of the Carribean, and Fur Elise in the past ten minutes. I occurs to me that the most soothing, most inspiring, most soul stirring sound I know is that of a piano.
Imagine, you type furiously as the music swells and the poetry simply flows from your heart.
You are alone in a giant ballroom (I would have on a huge swirling gown) and dancing, moving just as the music pulls and feeling it deep in your soul.
You are running, alone, in a field with stars above and soft grass below.
You are completely and utterly free.

There is so much that music can do, and for me, live piano is the most inspiring.
Piano tracks are ok, and I loooove live orchestra (but rarely get to hear that anymore) but just listening to one of these wonder, plays-by-ear people playing, whatever they feel like, going where the music takes them and bringing me along-- this is bliss.

find your bliss.

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Baby shoes for sale, never worn

Summer arrived on the back of a magpie...shiny, shiny, tinsel and shiny.

Gathering shiny things, she built. A nest so amazing, she created. Out of her treasures, and your treasures, and mine; out of our tears and our triumphs-- she built. And it was beautiful.

Stage lights and microphones, designer gowns and silver sharpies-- the nest glittered.Coin and coils with new cars and gum wrappers, it glinted in the sun. A plastic pearl earring was woven in by the emperors rubies; Christmas tinsel and broken seashells scintillated in the shine of the stars. A pair of baby shoes, never worn, rested on one edge. A silver spoon caught the light. The nest was perfect, the catch glittered with each twist of light. Summer dazzled that year.

Fall was cold.