Thursday, November 11, 2010

The Lost Hero

How I missed reading for fun! I still have plenty to do here at school and too much homework to really have free time, but ever so often, we must carve out a moment of quiet and fantasy and wonder, to simply survive in this harsh land of ours. So I read "The Lost Hero" and was enchanted.

This book goes back to Camp Half Blood the winter after the Percy Jackson books end. A new cast of heroes have come to the camp, looking for their destiny and haunted by strange visions, dreams, and pasts-- or lack thereof in one case. Jason is a serious soldier, trying to figure out where he came from. He almost-girl-friend Pipper has a criminal record and startlingly pretty eyes. Meanwhile, Leo can't keep still-- unless he has something mechanical to fiddle with. Arriving to find Mt. Olympus closed to the demigods, the three must figure out what is wrong with the gods-- and how to fix it.

Quick pacing, interesting and relatable characters coupled with the fantasticness of Greek and Roman mythology make this large-ish book into a harry-potter-speed read.