Monday, April 23, 2012

Catnip and Sea Foam

*disclaimer: this poem not based on totally real events or current feelings. But I like the allusion.

Catnip and Sea Foam

Remember way back when?
When I kinda sorta thought I liked you
And you liked me back but just as friends
And I could see your pain and angst and frustration
But not touch
Touching was not allowed.

You were catnip to my romantic heart.
Brokenly perfect, no confidence a'tall.
We danced and you gave me a rose.
I thought I could fix-- something in you.
Smooth away the creases,
And neaten up those corners.
Belle found her Beast--
Outer beauty hiding a treacherous heart,
To be revealed by that one right girl.
I loved you.
I still do, sometimes.

You loved my voice; I saved you from drowning.
You liked that I liked you, a bit much maybe.
We wrote- and texted-- talked.
I hid my disagreements and jettisoned my ideas to conform.
I pretended to agree, and we were great friends, I thought.
But the other girl came.
The princess, pretty and perfect,
She caught your eye and your mind left me.
She could sing, too.
And you wondered if she was the one who actually could pull you from the deep.
If she was the one who would make you happy?
I lost my voice to walk with you.
But you loved she who sang.
And  I was just seafoam after all. 

Monday, April 16, 2012

Bring a Friend to Bordertown

Hey James,

Sorry it’s taken me so long to get back to you! I know I never wanted to go to pen and ink and stamps with these letters, but now I’m glad you insisted on it—computers and technology are really dicey here, even if you can pay in high quality coffee. (Also, thanks for sticking those tea bags in my pack with your letter—tea is frightfully expensive here and I miss it too.)

There’s this meld of life and dreams here, Jam. All those things I used to talk about when we walked around campus; when I pretended we were in Narnia or Middle Earth or just Elsewhere—well, I’ve found elsewhere. And you might actually like it here. It’s so much better than Star Trek! I know I used to debate about the good of technology and Facebook and texting, but I mostly did that to annoy you. Here, there really isn’t all that stuff. People actually talk to one another. They sit on porches and in little cafes and just exist in the same space.  And there’s so much going on! Like how, at Scarborough, they had all the merchant and food stalls and performers and people in costumes—well Border Town is kinda like that but more modern. It’s bookstores and clubs, street musicians and artists and dodgy hot dog sellers and life and vibrancy and color! Words fail me.

History is alive here, in a way it was in England almost, but more so. I’ve been exploring and marveled at the architecture and the sculptures. I would tell Neil and Rachel to come, but they’d have to get to the States first. And that’s really my main aim here. I want you to come to Bordertown. It’s life here. Life in a way we couldn’t find on that stuffy campus. Life like my small town and your city suburb can’t contain. Trains running, people walking and dancing, elves (real elves! I haven’t talked to one yet—they don’t all like people very much. Remember when you used to ask me what I would say if I met a fantastic creature? I still have no idea). The fashion is thrift-store chic, but thrift stores from the beginning of time. You could wear your cap and pocket watch and waistcoat. And just wear them because it’s Monday. And no one would blink twice at your silly toe-shoes (well, except me).
Come to Bordertown.

I know you get it now, living. I know you long for something other than the world we grew up in. But nostalgia doesn’t go anywhere, and it just makes you miss what you never had. Bordertown is different. Different rules. Different life-style. I think it would suit you. I’ll address all our on-going topics of debate when you get here over the free beer at the Dancing Ferret (Look, free beer! I hear it’s good too, even if I don’t drink it. Too bad no one hands out free champagne…)

So come on!

PS I’m thinking about starting a school. Or seeing if there’s one that’ll let me teach
PPS: check out this website! And bring as much coffee as you can carry!