Wednesday, June 24, 2009

So Latin is a supremely boring class each morning. The other students all either know each other because they attend the same boarding school, or they just don't talk. I stopped trying to talk and began reading. Which led to getting snapped at. So now I just study my notes and the book when he drones. My test grade whould improve tomorrow.
The troup was lovely last night, we learned the stage directions for another ballad and I believe the final product will be quite lovely. Puppy-page boy followed but not quiet as much. And this group, at least, talks to other people. Anyways, that's all for today.

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

So I have taken the liberty to join an acting troupe in the evenings. Father is not particularly pleased, but Mother minds not as long as I am continuing my education. I must say, after boring Latin lessons all morning-- really, I can read while you talk or I can fall asleep attempting to pay attention, it does not work both ways-- the troupe is most refreshing. In fact, one boy-- whom I am quiet sure was a page before he ran off to the city-- has taken to following me around like a small puppy. Being younger than my sister and not even in posession of his own horse, I have to say that it is unlikely I will return his ardor (another maid warned me of his frequent crushes on the new girls) but it is nice to be sought after now and again... :)


So I have an overactive imagination and here is where it shall be stretched. Some posts will be entirly imaginary, some totally true, but most will mix some of both. Enjoy!