Wednesday, March 17, 2010

More Poems

Poem 4: The Sea

I am the Sea
                  Crashing, waving, whispering a song
                  Dancing through dream
                 And screaming through night mares
                 I can be good and gentle and lovely
                 But I am not, nor shall ever be, tame…
                 I can give—but I shall take as well

I am passion
                Those who know me have passions that are deeper than my depths
                No other can take my place
                Nothing else has as much as I

I am quiet
              Contemplative moonlit nights
              Girls who long to  know the mermaids' songs
              And dreamers in the dusk

But I am Alive
             Moving, ebbing, swaying, flowing
            Carrying, holding, fish,
            whales, seals, sharks,
            plankton, salt, and then some

Poem 5: A Thought

A thought, a twist, a turn, a catch
--this must be some delusion!
I though I was done
With this particular thought.
Only a thought.
Not a Crush
Or a Dream
Or a fancy even
But it refuses to leave!
Should I look away?
Try to squash it
like a bug?
Ignore it for all I am worth!
A snare, a trap, a trip-wire
--Growing not better but worse with time!
Cautiously creeping toward contact..
a letter!
a note...
Can I trust?
my heart and mind and self not to be a child?
To drop the pen, turn out the light
And leave what is alone.
And slumber.
Not to dream.
But to Sleep.

Poem 6: I Set out Writing a Sonnet

I decided to write you a Sonnet,
With its perfect pentameter rhyming.
A Sentiment with your name upon it,
In a fashion so very beguiling.
But pentameter is harder to write
And fourteen lines are not really enough.
Ans so I turned to a different light
To express all these sentiments and stuff...

So I set out to write for you a song
But the tune was all wrong
And before long
The desire was simply gone.

"Maybe an epic!" I thought.
"With nymphs and dragons and elves and the lot!"
But the dragons couldn't come
And the nymphs were from home
And with no dragons, can you expect elves?

So all I have is this note
(can we call it a letter)
And the knowledge that nothing so rote
quite expresses my feelings, together
So I hope you can forgive this silly expression
Of all my admiration.
For you.
And your smile.

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