Friday, February 4, 2011

The Oxford Chronicles

Yay for legit Christian fiction!

This series was a really interesting imagining of Oxford in the early 60's. C.S. (Jack) Lewis has just passed away and one of his close students is beginning his teaching career as an Oxford don. Introduce Kate, a pretty young American looking for adventure in England for a semester. You know what happens, but it was a fun book anyways.

Melanie Jeschke is a talented author who takes a tired-Christian-romance story form and inflates it with lovely British style. The obstacles to the young lovers are immense and really different from my western's dilemmas. And everything has such a fine flavor-- fine English tea you could say. Her details are spot on and actually made me more interested in Oxford (master's degree?). And of course, you cannot go to Oxford without encountering the Inklings.

The whole series is slathered with Lewis quotes and references, as well as a dash of J.R.R. Tolkien.  I loved it!These books actually inspired me to read more of Lewis. His ideas are so eloquent and his theology very sound. 

The Oxford Chronicles make a great read for winter-y days. They sparkle at you as you read and draw you to this foggy, tea-drinking world where Jack Lewis created Narnia and Tolkien dreamed up Middle Earth. 

Only now I'm more homesick for England than ever!

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