Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Thoughts and dreams

I just got back from a church vision meeting thing and was actually really thinking about my future as I listened to this great vision for the future of the church. And as much as I love my glittery, New York dreams, I have a few more domestic ideals too. So a few little known facts about my view of the future:

1. I really want to be married-- I have my standards and I don't have a groom and a wedding all picked out and planned, but I do want a husband and sooner rather than later.

2. I could be happy living in Dallas my whole life. Travel everywhere is still on my agenda, but I would love to settle down in Mansfield or somewhere close, maybe even work at a school.

3. I don't hate kids. I may have a few of my own someday. While I am in no hurry to be "Mommy," I also feel a call to help kids, especially ones that don't get that much from their own parents. I could even teach someday. Maybe. If God led me there and gave me the patience.

4. I want to be a home-maker, house-wife, whatever. If I have kids, I would like to be able to spend my days cooking and cleaning and maybe going to a karate class and keeping the house in the manner that I like to live in. This would also be conductive to Writing. Even without kids, I would like to be the little wife that stays home and writes while her husband is at work.

5. I still want to act. Whatever I do, where ever I go, I will have to find a stage-- even if it's rinky-dink community theater. But Acting is not near as important to me as Writing. So yeah.

I could happily live as a home-maker, writing for someone (fiction publisher?) and keeping the home, my garden, and my bees. I don't want to do this in heels and pearls (Mrs.T *cough* lol) but it seems like a nice life....

Of course, between my time with God and traveling and the ministries he leads me to, I highly doubt that this "quiet" little life will ever get boring! :)

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