Monday, November 16, 2009

A Good night

Today began with idignation-- I reached the end of my favorite cereal that I borrow from my roommate (sorry Heather...) and along with all the little wheat shred bits came about a table spoon of sugar! How does this cinnaommony goodness have so much sugar!?! So then I walked ouside and it was cold! Finally!
I love the cold, I glory in the cold, I love this cold. So my day went straight uphill-- and stayed for a while.

Heather and I played I Spy in chapel-- I spotted the most people but she found the ones to avoid... so I really don't know who wins.
And theory was cool and choir was great and work began as lovely. And then work got exhausting.

As the semester comes to an end, more people come with their papers and I worked with a ton of students today-- all while i kept thinking about my lovely paper that needs much more attention,
Then I realized that i didn't clock out for dinner and my time sheet was off.
So I had to email my boss and tell her... and I felt like a dork holding my co-worker up because he had to clock out on the same computer.

Thankfully, a bowl of oatmeal and a brisk walk in the cold cheered me up.
And my roomies rock :)

Good night everyone.

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