Saturday, November 14, 2009


Tomorrow is Sunday, possibly my favorite day of the week. I get up, go play with Pre-K, go to church, see my awsome church family, maybe have a fun lunch, then come home and chill-- all evening. On a typical Sunday, I turn on Hulu and watch all the shows missed the past few weeks, fold clothes and do minor mending while watching. Homework is banned and only fun organizing is allowed in the cleaning department. Baking is cool and walking, but anything that is work to me gets put aside for the day. Then Monday comes and I pull all the rest of the homework together and it works. Somehow. And an afternoon of just REST is so amazing. I highly recomend it.

Once upon a time, I hated Sunday with a passion: I would wake up, get dressed all cute to see the same people I see everyday acting like their lives were totally *perfect* *sparkly dust thrown here* Then would be youth group, which I looked forward to, and then service, which I didn't. Service consisted of a music leader who considered 80's Christian choruses to epitome of modern worship and a pastor that loved to celebrate-- Mother's Day, Father's Day, Veteren's Day, President's Day, Youth Day, Baby Day, Toddlers-who-can-walk-but-aren't-in-school-yet Day-- all meant a short sermon mostly focused on honoring whoever's "day"  it was. So yeah. I hated that. And I spent most of the serve being bitter and nasty inside rather than thinking about God. A personal failing, I allowed my soul to fill with scorn and bitterness instead of using the time to seek God on my own. I still feel hurt from that church though. And this was before I got put on a committee where I got to church at 8 am-- no sleeping in-- and took notes then spent an hour or two a week typing them and sending them to the other members. Only to find that NOTHING we recomended happened. Except the pastor quit. So....Senior year was not a good time for me spiritually.

I love Sundays now-- really, God has shown me how to enjoy church and meeting with him. And I have a week of quiet times and prayers to build upon on Sunday mornings. I have a place to serve-- my church needs me for more than numbers and tithe. I need TCAL for more than a place to go on Sunday. TCAL is my family. And I love it.

I can't wait for Sunday.

Cute comics about hedgehogs, because they are cute.

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  1. This is awesome Caitlin. I am so glad God has revealed to you a place where you can fellowship and find joy in doing so, all the while, growing in your faith and knowledge of Him.

    That makes me smile =) <---- like that