Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Poems Set Three

Thoughts on this last set would be much appreciated and rewarded with actual, amazing cookies.... for real!

I offered you:

The moon and stars
The wide prairie and dancing with the dawn

She held out:
Bright city lights
Dancing and going always on the move
The world through an amber glass

But who can see the moon and stars for the city lights?
I tried to stay visible
To be there where you would want me
I agonized and poetized
And sung outside your window
Certain you were the hero of my fairy story,
Convinced we sing the same song.

We still might.
In different tunes.
But you aren't worth tuning for.

An Ode Upon Imagination
(this one is a link to the poem, previously posted)

1 comment:

  1. In the third stanza of "Tuning, you have a typo. You wrote "To be there were you would want me" but I think you meant to write "To be there where you would want me".

    As for the poems themselves, out of all of them in these three sets that I've read, "An Ode Upon Imagination" is my favorite. I enjoyed the smooth rhyme scheme and your choice of words in that piece.