Wednesday, March 16, 2011

First Two Poems...

I am entering this contest... it involves my poetry. But I have to pick and chose from all my wonderful streams of concious... so help me pick please? (More coming, just rate these three-- first, second, third!) Some of these are old, some new, some shared, some making their debut. If you want to know the story behind, ask and I might tell you.


A smooth pond
Fed by quiet fount.
Pretty lilies stand by just so,
As a light breeze sends
Daisy-clouds skittering across
The pale blue sky which
Turns slowly dark as
Swifter swirls of cumulonimbus gather
And urge on the whipping wind which
Pulls and yanks the frail flowers
Standing by the roiling waves of the fount
The pond swift becoming a cauldron of

How to…

Wait ‘till the day is mysty magical
And stars glint in the solstice light
Walk alone in the dark dancing woods
Amble through the open prairie
When you see the ring
Time moves strangely here.

Take a step
Toe carefully into the ring
Take care not to muss the grass
Trip a stone or crush a
They did dance here
Some seconds ago
Turn slowly—windershins of course
Seconds stop and hours race along.

Some one—thing—will take your hand
Step with it, into Their land.

The wind will catch in your hair
And the stars shine brighter here—
This underground world.
A hall will dazzle your senses.
Look—and see all your eyes can taste
Hear the music that haunts and frenzies
Lilting waterfalls, pipes, drums, storms, and spring
Don’t Dance!
Time twists strangely here.

They will dazzle you with
Their brilliant smiles and
The way They move through air,
The beat pulling Them along.
See those like me and like you
Who caught the rhythm, to never be free
Time stops for no mouse.

Do not touch the drink
Sparkling ambrosia that Midas could not scorn.
Do not! taste the fare
Sweet tarts and dainty bits will hold you
Stronger than iron.

But what wonders that hold underground
Shubert and Mozart collaborate in a corner while
Buddy Holly strums with Elvis.
Selena sings the east while
Behind poets declaim and
Star-bound Van Gogh paints
Those take by the Muse.
Remember the world from whence you come
Of love and warmth, war and fire,
Remind yourself of trees and streams and home
Of a mother’s lullaby, sweet and tame
Recall what Time is…
Close your eyes again.
Turn against the windershins.

And step.

When you return to the world, they will have been looking
A day
A month
A year

They thought you lost.
Not gone of your own accord.
You will not correct them
Nor remember all your self.
Time moves differently here.
It will be forgotten
In a year
A month
A day.

No one will understand.
But you.
And me.
And those other in between.
That there is a gleam in the velvet night
And a sparkling darkness within the dew
That there is a place where Time bends to
Another force—a wilder dance.

You know
And I know
And others in between
Of a place of danger, peril, and desire
And a time that moves strangely here.

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  1. I really like "How To...". Though it was long, your use of imagery kept me focused until the end.