Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Poems Set Two

Ratings and how these compare to the poems above please?

Happiness from Monday
The sun pulls warm fingers through my hair and my smile comes quick as the light
You're here too, tangled in my thoughts.


Pulling and spinning and dragging me down
--The Sirens’ call at my back—
Dunking, grasping, hoping to drown;
Only ice will survive.

Every spark extinquished
Every flame spent
The white hot rage smothered
By cold salt water
Leaving only Ice.

A twisting vortex of emotion
Anger, betrayal, rage, infatuation, and pain beyond your kin.
No smile remains tucked in that corner
Not even for you

Pick her.
I can freeze.
Or drown trying.


Tip-toeing across this perilous precipice,

Dancing in the farmer's meadow at midnight.
Quick step across the moor and hit every rock right,
Step on the stone just so,
Or sink.
Get caught.
Fall down down down.

Each step one second closer
To the wild wild wind
Whirling and whipping and drawing me in
Each shift a step closer to the dangerous waves that call...

The color of your eyes, those waves;
The dangerous pull you wield, the wind;
The fire that dances and entrances and bites--
Mine own heart,
Bitter betrayer it is.
We two are too too alike--
Longing for the quiet-- and the stars!-- of the deep Texas prairie.
Hopelessly romantic and hopelessly devoted to that one who ne'er turns 'round.
Please turn around.

Temper pulsing, a swift blaze, you flare for the slightest breeze
My father's daughter, I can stand your singe.
Though I may perhaps burn myself.

But your world spins for you,
Only. King of your universe--
Arrogant and proud,
Exclusive and cocky,
Lost and lonely,
Don't really know at all.

But let me dance and draw you out of your world!
Come see the enchantment of this very land.
Rest with me here--
forget those cares that belong to God anyways.
I can remind you of why you matter,
Why you are perfect just as you are
I think so.

Even without those eyes.
Those bright blue eyes,
Mine own tricks turned against me.
Mine own heart turned traitor from sense.
Just because it beats in time with you. .

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  1. I notice that one of your biggest strengths in your poems is your use of imagery and how you use it well. I particularly liked "Perilous" out of this set the most.